Press release: Gales Creek Chamber of Commerce approves three year strategic plan

On December 15th 2015 at the Gales Creek Church of God, the Gales Creek Chamber of Commerce voted unanimously to adopt a three year strategic plan.

This strategic plan was developed from two public meetings in October and November with chamber members and community members working to identify areas of concern and potential with a strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis.

The full text of the strategic plan is below, and can be found in PDF format HERE.

Gales Creek Chamber of Commerce

Three Year Strategic Plan (2016 through 2018)


The mission of the Gales Creek Chamber of Commerce is to support a healthy business community in the Gales Creek area.

The Gales Creek Chamber of Commerce Three Year Strategic Plan was established to guide the Gales Creek Chamber of Commerce with specific goals for the next three years.

During two SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis planning session, the following strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats were identified and top choices selected by chamber members and community residents as important to the community:


Sense of community

Grassroots nature

Social capital/community connections

Local newspaper


Lack of venue for meeting and connecting with new residents

Awareness of local businesses

Lack of new volunteers


Hello Wagon

Growing internet presence

Agritourism/farm to fork movement


Natural disasters

Absorption by neighboring towns

Growing transient and homeless population with an increase in burglary and vandalism

Lack of consideration by public officials

The following are specific and measurable goals and concepts that will be developed and acted upon by the Gales Creek Chamber of Commerce of the next three years:

  • Increase our active members and volunteers by inviting local businesses to present at Chamber of Commerce meetings.
  • Expand our business directory to include photos of each business listing, as well as copying the directory to
  • Establish an annual print version of the business directory for distribution at local events and to new community members.
  • Ensure that promotional materials for all member businesses and organizations are kept on hand for display and distribution at local events.
  • Establish a new member handbook with information relevant to running a business in Gales Creek, information on how the chamber operates, bylaws, member directory, and other pertinent information.
  • Create a physical location to display information for tourists and local residents to learn about local businesses, recreation opportunities, and tourist attractions in the area.
  • Build a “Welcome to Gales Creek” sign to welcome visitors and greet our neighbors, while identifying Gales Creek as a distinct and active community.  
  • Establish the Gales Creek Hello Wagon to connect newly arriving families with local businesses, events, organizations, and history.
  • Expand the Strawberry Festival to include more activities and vendors.
  • Work with local farms and agricultural organizations to establish a farm tour/route in the Gales Creek area.
  • Continue to look for more opportunities to increase the economic growth of the Gales Creek area.

Measuring these goals:

After annual elections every January, the outgoing and incoming Board of Directors will meet and measure the progress of each goal, and publish updates as needed to ensure the strategic plan stays relevant as time passes.  Before the December 2018 meeting, a final report that determines the effectiveness and success of the three year strategic plan will be developed by the board of directors for presentation during the final meeting of the year.