Salamanca Farms is a small poultry farm. We offer farm fresh eggs and operate a local hatchery. Additionally we sell organic feeds and poultry supplies and are open to the public.

We have a mix of common and rare or heritage breed chicken, turkey and ducks.

In an effort to ensure the health and well being of our birds we feed them only USDA certified organic feeds and herbs. We proudly feed our animals Scratch and Peck Feeds!  We supplement with natural herbs to promote overall health.No hormones or antibiotics, ever! We believe in the use of USDA Certified Organic herbs for natural diseases prevention and to promote and improve overall health.  Some of the goodness we feed our birds:

• Organic Red Clover

• Organic Lemon Balm

• Organic Pot Marigold (Calendula)

• Organic Oregano

• Organic Sage

• Organic Rosemary

We are dedicated to the ethical and fair treatment of all all living things. We allow our animals space to move around and graze naturally as well as live in flocks or groups. Our birds are never confined to cages, they are allowed to roam freely within a secure area.

Feel free to stop by.


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Address: 9425 NW Gales Creek Rd
Gales Creek, Oregon 97117