Salamanca Farms Oregon gets its name in part from a small town in western New York. Salamanca New York is where I grew up and first experienced the joy of raising birds and being around animals.

For Jeffrey this is all new to him, but he is finding it all very exciting.

Salamanca Farms Oregon is not only a small poultry farm, it is also a forest reserve. A forest reserve is just that. An area of forest set aside and preserved by the government as a wilderness, national park, or the like. We have 9.5 acres of some of the most beautiful fir trees. I call them pine trees, I have been corrected a few times!

We are dedicated to the ethical and fair treatment of all all living things. We allow our animals space to move around and graze naturally as well as live in flocks or groups. In an effort to ensure the health and well being of our birds we feed them only USDA certified organic feeds and herbs. We proudly feed our animals Scratch and Peck Feeds!

No hormones or antibiotics, ever!

We believe in the use of USDA Certified Organic herbs for natural diseases prevention and to promote and improve overall health.


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Brian and Jeffrey


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Address: 9425 NW Gales Creek Rd
Gales Creek, Oregon 97117